On foot on a mountain, to family-travelling to ice climbing

For walking with the family the holiday place Flattach offers different migrations(wanderings) in the valley area as well as some migrations(wanderings) to different shelters in the local area. Who wants out high is just correct with us!: in the world of the 3000th, in the shot of the high Tauern, Flattach serves as a starting point for many trips between shelters on the known and less confessed Because of! Travelling trips in the area of the protected areas of Großfragant and Kleinfragant belong as well in the program, how the "three huts migration" of the Fraganter hut about the Duisburg hut to Hannover house.

Climbings: for friends of the cliff climbing are available in Flattach own climbing garden for beginner and advanced. The Alpincenter white sea house and the sports school "Time4You" offer near climbing courses also trips guidances and a big program in different offers.


Canyoning - the quite special adventure

Canyoning or ravine-travelling offers the chance the experiences to mountain, cliff and water to unite. Our trained mountain guides and Canyoningführer stand by you with support and do so Canyoning a safe experience of the special kind(way).

Cycle for the family, mountain biker or racing cyclist

With light(easy) to middle trips of the Mölltal. With us you get the information about the Mölltal-bicycle footpath directly in  Flattach leads past, trip suggestions for small mountain bike trips and a lot more!
For the racing cyclist Flattach offers interesting possibilities: Whether straight through the Mölltal on the Austria-round trip distance (Großglockner), or on Panoramastrasse closed for the public traffic to the Mölltaler glacier!


Fishing rods(Hinges) in the Mölltal

For our interested in fishing there are three fish waters in those the fishing on altogether 26 kms mutual along the Möll is possible. In the tourism office Flattach you get the fishing tickets for the fish waters of the Kelag.

The fish water (Salmonidenwasser) of the Kärntner Elektrizitäts AG (KELAG) which of the inlet of the Gößnitzbaches 18 kms along the Möll up to place Penk mutual fishing is. Further are in the day ticket also 4 kms of the Teuchlbaches inclusive.


The Raggaschlucht with geologic teaching path

In millennium-long work Raggabach created one of the most beautiful nature ravines of the Alps. Vertical cliff faces narrow the wildly romantic ravine, the Tösen of the water fulfills the air. Artistically invested bars facilitate walking, the way back leads about a shady forest way with wonderful view of Flattach and the surrounding mountain world. Good footwear necessary!

Along the ravine a subjects way leads you from the beginnings of the ravine before thousands of years up to the current natural monument. Get to know more about the construction and the peculiarities of the Raggaschlucht!



Kayak and Rafting, white-water romanticism on the Möll

Rafting belongs to the favorite sports in the holidays place Flattach are carried out(are exercised). Thousands aroused enthusiasmRafting- and kayak driver the Möll visit annually. The Möll is one of three approved Raftingflüsse in Carinthia.